Jelqing is an ancient technique to make the penis bigger

jelqing exercises

Many men underestimate the penis size, which leads them to feel unsatisfied with themselves. Most men are possessed with penis size. According to the survey, penis enlargement surgery is the most preferred cosmetic process among American men followed by fat reduction. Penoplasty and penis surgery comes along with serious risk factors such as blood clotting, weaker erections, infection and penile leaking. This declaimer has led men to a different path which is free and non-invasive known as Jelqing. Power J Gym is a tool used in this technique and you can find out more from here.

Jelqing is an ancient technique used to increase the length and size of the penis. The practice revolves a set of stretching exercises aimed to increase girth and length. Jelqing is a viral trend among men to make the penis appear bigger. Jelqing is similar to masturbation but it is not performed for pleasure. It is an attempt to increase the size of the penis by stretching and tugging the skin by upward motion methods. Jelqing makes microtears in the penile tissue and new cells are grown leading to increase in size. Jelqing is considered as the bodybuilding of the penis.

Know more about Power J Gym

Power J Gym is a jelqing instrument that helps to increase the penis girth, size and hard erections to the other level. Power J Gym improves characteristics of the penis through a safe process and highly beneficial exercises. Power J Gym provides extra power to your exercises, creating penis enlargement easy and provides faster results. Advantages of Power J Gym include a larger, thicker and healthier penis, long lasting effects on bed by working out only for 15 minutes in a day and results are visible in three weeks after using Power J Gym.

One more concept of penile enhancement is tissue remodeling. It revolves reorganizing the existing tissue. A guy undergoes jelqing, he squeezes blood into erectile chambers and fluffs the penis. Moreover, jelqing does more harm than good. When too much of pressure is applied on the penis, they cause scarring, vascular damage and erectile dysfunction. Few urologists say that aggressive jelqing can lead to the curving of the penis.

Basically, the penis is considered fine as it is. According to surveys, many women don’t care about the penis size. Still, men are obsessed about their penis size, which are leading to penile dysmorphic disorder or penis anxiety. There are other safe methods than jelqing, weight loss is one among them. When the fat is less around the pubic area, then the penis will appear larger.

Manscaping is another method helping to make the shaft look more visible. If any of the above doesn’t resolve insecurities and intercourse doesn’t lead to orgasm, perform sexual acts such as oral sex. Other penis enlargement options are topical products, exercises, supplements, penile traction, vacuums and pumps, surgeries such as penile implants, cutting ligaments, skinning the penis, injections, etc. Weight loss, staying in shape and grooming in the public area are some of the strategies to make the penis appear larger.