Planning To Buy A Mountain Bike? You Must Read This!

A mountain bike which is otherwise known as a mountain bicycle are bicycles designed specially to ride on paths which are not paved. Normal road bicycles may not have the sturdiness and balance to navigate through rough paths thereby making specialized features necessary. The specially designed features for safety and comfort in mountain bikes makes biking easy for men and women alike. They are available at affordable prices too! Have a look at the best women’s mountain bike under 500!

Off-road biking offers riders with immense benefits. As per, biking helps to keep your heart healthy and also prevents diseases like stroke, obesity, etc. You get to enjoy the benefits to the fullest only when you choose a bike with the right features. What are the features of mountain bikes which makes them ideal for the one? Read on to know about mountain bikes in detail so that you can shop for a good one easily!

What are the materials used in mountain bike frames?
The most common material used is aluminum. However, some manufacturers use steel, carbon fiber, and titanium also. The following are the features provided by each of these materials.

Aluminum – Aluminum frames are light in weight and last longer. They deliver an overall good riding experience.
Steel – Steel frames are heavier than aluminum and hence they are not used as commonly as aluminum frames. Steel frames provide good comfort, sturdiness, and endurance.
Carbon fiber – Carbon fiber is very light in weight and hence form an excellent material for frames. Carbon fiber frame is very robust and are excellent shock absorbers too. Carbon fiber frames are somewhat a new concept in mountain bikes, and so far, they deliver the best performance.
Titanium – Titanium is the material used in airplanes; so, you can imagine the strength and durability of the same. Bicycles with titanium frames are expensive, but their exclusive look and strength make them the preferred option of many.

Wheel sizes
Initially, mountain bike wheels were all of the same sizes which is 26 inches. Later on, wheels with a diameter size of 29 inches began to be popular. 29-inch wheels are widely used for cross-country riding whereas downhill racing works well with 26-inch wheels. Another size which gained popularity later is 27.5 inches.

Types of mountain bikes
There are different types of bikes, so choose one according to your requirement. Some of them are:

All mountain bikes
Freeride bikes
Dirt Jump bikes
Depending on suspension, mountain bikes can be divided into the following three categories
Downhill bikes
Rigid -No suspension
Trail bikes
Hardtail – Suspension at the front.
Full suspension – Suspension at both front and back
Cross-country bikes

Get the best mountain bike and go biking!
You are the ultimate decision maker when it comes to the style, features, and type of the bike you wish to buy. So, spend some time analyzing your requirements in detail. Choose the one which stays within your budget and serves your purpose best. Happy biking!