Confused Regarding Which Broadhead To Use? Here’s Some Help!

Hunting is a task which requires specialized skills. The equipment you choose is equally important for the success of your hunting missions. Multiple types of hunting gears to suit any type of hunting scenario are currently available in the market. Fixed-blade broadheads and mechanical broadheads are the two most common types of broadheads about which debates are always going on. It is entirely your personal preference to choose the best type for your purpose. If the latter ones are your choice, you can have a look at some mechanical broadhead reviews here.

What are the things which you must know while shopping for broadheads? How can you choose the best broadhead that fully serves your purpose? This article is meant to provide an insight into the same. You need not be a hunter to shop for broadheads. As per, broadheads are excellent gifts for someone who is a hunting enthusiast. So, be it for yourselves or your dear ones, here are some guidelines to help you pick the right ones!

Fixed-blade broadheads- Properties and types
As the name indicates, fixed-blade broadheads consist of blades which are fixed on the broadhead. They have better structural strength and reliability as they do not give a chance for doubt regarding the opening and the penetration of the blades.

Chisel point broadheads
Cut-on-impact broadheads

Mechanical broadheads
Mechanical broadheads have blades which open when the broadhead comes in contact with the target. They are more accurate and are less erratic when compared to fixed-blade broadheads. The annoying fine-tuning required in fixed-blade broadheads has made many hunters switch to mechanical blades. The cutting surface of these broadheads is also wider compared to fixed-blade ones. Just like fixed-blade type, mechanical broadheads are also available in chisel point and cut-on-impact formats so that you can make the choice. While using mechanical broadheads, a heavy arrow and a high poundage bow are required to ensure that the blades open on time.

Choose broadhead according to the hunting situation
The following are the questions that you should ask yourself before making a decision.
What is the average weight and size of your prey?
What is the season?
At what distance are you planning to shoot approximately?
What is the weight of your arrow?
What is the poundage of your bow?
Answering these questions would help you to filter your options. Shooting small animals like a deer or an antelope can be done easily by using chisel point mechanical broadheads. On the other hand, bigger animals with broad cavities and strong bones would require cut-on-impact broadheads with correspondingly high bow poundage and arrow weight for successful penetration.

As per the experts at , archery and hunting are not something which can be taken lightly. It involves significant responsibility on your part to explore and find out the right equipment for hunting. A great deal of knowledge comes with experience in the woods and the different preys and hunting situations you get to face. So, take time to carefully analyze your hunting gear options and make the perfect decision!