Important Factors To Consider When Buying Electric Skateboard

When buying an electric skateboard, you want to consider the three important elements handling, performance and build quality. Are you buying an electric skateboard for the first time? Then Google search e glide skateboard review 2017 in online to find the reviews top electric skateboard models in the market.

As stated in, you must understand the recent trends and technology, so that pick the electric devices made up of recent technology.

The performance of the electric skateboard is measured using range, speed, and the capacity to climb hills. The electric skateboard flexibility and precision of the remote determine the speed of the board. Choose a skateboard with flexible deck for a smoother skate ride at slower speeds whereas at high speeds stiff deck gives a high level of stability. Build quality determines how well the board can endure damages and regular wear and tear without affecting the performance of the skateboard.

The GT Carbon delivers a wonderful performance with a high speed of 26 miles per hour and a 31-mile range. This fast electric skating is one of the impressive options in recent days. The dual motor system of this skating board permits you to climb the hills easily with 25% grade.

Charge it completely for 4-5 hours of skating and the fast charger retains for three hours. The standard average time of electric skateboard is 90-120 minutes, and this is the ideal option when compared to others. The all-terrain wheels design of GT carbon permits you to use the skateboard onto direct and off pavement roads. Because of the firm rack, GT Carbon delivers outstanding stability at high speeds.

GT Carbon is a 40 inch powerfully built board. It is made of Kevlar and custom molded carbon fiber. The materials used in this model facilitate the deck to bear large force, and it can carry the rider’s maximum up to 250 lbs. The brilliant design of the skateboard shows the reliability and construction in its making.

Boosted Dual+ is the next electric skateboard option available in the market. The high speed of this skateboard is 22 mph with a 7-mile range. It has 25% grade potential to climb on the hills. It is the right performance skateboard for the city commuters.

Boosted Dual+ offers smooth performance in the broadest range of situations. The three main element combinations- a flexible deck, elastic wheels and a little gap between the board and deck permit the deck to twist further. The additional twist of this board offers a comfortable ride when compared to its competitors.

Boosted Dual+ is a well-designed device. The deck of the skateboard is designed using bamboo and fiberglass which can twist like anything, and you don’t want to worry that the skateboard will break.

Portability is another important element you want to consider when shopping the device. Portability refers to the size and weight of the board. You can transport the smallest and lightest boards easily while it’s hard to carry the heavier and bigger boards even to strap in your backpack.

So, you must check the above factors to select the electric right skateboard for a comfort and an excellent ride.