A Review Of Gundry MD Vital Reds Supplement

Of Late, there is a lot of talk about superfoods and how they help you to look young, stay fit and have excellent health. The main reason behind superfoods and super fruits being highly effective is due to the presence of polyphenols which contains antioxidants. The best way to get these compounds is through diet which includes these superfoods, but if for various reasons you are unable to eat or drink it directly through your food, there are supplements like Vital Reds, Learn More Here. The energy that your body gets by consuming these superfoods is not from any stimulant, but natural and organic plants say experts at www.healthline.com.

More about Vital Reds: There is a lot of excitement about this product from Gundry MD, let us learn more about what this product is all about. This product is a powdered proprietary formula which contains polyphenols extract from 31 super fruits along with a mix of many vitamins and minerals. A spoonful of this blend can be mixed with water or any beverage of your choice and consumed once a day.

Health benefits: Researched, developed and marketed by Dr Gundry who is a renowned Cardiovascular surgeon and was the head of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Loma Linda University. His belief that what we eat and the way we eat determines our health and with this in mind has offered a supplement for improving overall health. Below are some of the primary benefits the Vital Reds offers:

  • Increased energy throughout the day.
  • Enhanced metabolism.
  • Enhanced digestions and less bloating and gas.
  • Weight loss.
  • Younger and healthier looking skin.

Ingredients: This supplement contains many super fruit extracts which contain polyphenols. A few of them are apple, grapefruit, mulberry, cranberry, peach, pear, etc. These compounds help you gain more energy, burn more fat, improve your overall health.
Apart from the polyphenols, it also contains a blend of metabolism boosting ingredients like ginger, cinnamon, turmeric, black pepper, green and white tea extracts which increase the metabolism and also gives you more energy. It also contains many essential minerals like thiamin, riboflavin, folate and many strains of vitamins.
The digestive blend which improves digestion contains probiotic strains. Probiotics are useful bacteria which is present in the digestive system and aids digestion and extract nutrients from the food.
This supplement is an amalgamation of all superfoods which is organic and natural. What it does not have is, any artificial sweetener or sugar.

No side effects: As on date there are no side effects reported by anyone as this formula is made of natural products and hence will not cause any side effects.

Reviews from the customers: The response from consumers of this product is overwhelmingly positive. Users of this product are feeling more energetic, are feeling and looking young and have better health than before. Many also state that they sleep and eat better along with being able to digest the food they eat better with less gas and bloating. People who have a desk job and those who work long hours have reported higher alertness and vitality after using this supplement.